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About Me


My name is Omer Mazi, I’m the phographer for Brisbane City Wedding Phography. Photos have always been a hobby and a passion for me and the great team a work with. From the time I recieved my first camera  Canon 350 DSLR taking the perfect picture has meant more to me it’s not just a job for us  it is the perfect way we can reflect our special moments and memorize. For us to help you immortalize those moments it is what a true photographer lives for at Brisbane City Wedding Photographer. We take pride in celebriting your wedding and the arrivel of loved one. We have researched photos of wedding photographers who are the best in the world and have improved our retouch tecnich . As a result we have created our own style.

Experienced, Creative & Affordable Wedding Photographer with more than 3 years wedding photography experienced and more than 10 years in photography industry. We will provide for you to kind of documantary photographies that will give you all details of your special day from beganing to end. Our vision is innovated perspective. We’ll meet you at your wedding and capture professional shoots.

When you invite us on your special day we are not just pay to shot your wedding. For us it is not just a job we take praid and it is a plasure to tell the story of your wedding from the beginning rigth till the end. Our job is the capture every special moment of your special day.


Brisbane Wedding Photographer, Copright. Phone: 0400 985 992 Up